sabato 20 agosto 2011

Questo è il potere - di Paolo Barnard - NEXUS Edizioni

Da NEXUS , rileggo con piacere , e condivido qui sul mio Blog, questo bell'articolo di Paolo Barnard. Mai , come oggi, lo sento attuale e veritiero. Ci puo' aiutare a capire meglio la crisi che stiamo passando... Leggetelo...

Questo è il potere - di Paolo Barnard - NEXUS Edizioni

Samsung to Develop Bada after Google-Motorola Deal

 BADA Samsung’s Chairman Lee Kun-hee has instructed his executives to improve their Bada mobile platform in order to compete against Apple’s iOS as well as survive Google’s purchase of Motorola. This is according to reports coming from the local media in Seoul, South Korea.

Last month, Lee told Samsung managers to improve their patent pools, talent and software. It includes looking for opportunities for acquisitions and mergers as to build up its software development skills. Its chairman wants them to improve Bada as Google announced its acquisition of Motorola Mobility.
Chairman Lee met with vice chairman Choi Ji-seong, wireless division chief Shin Jong-kyun, home appliances division vice president Hong Chang-wan, image display division head Yoon Bu-keun, and IT solution division vice president Nam Seong-woo. He briefed them how Google’s merger with Motorola Mobility will affect their business.
Samsung is a hardware manufacturer but it started developing the Bada mobile software platform last year to power its Wave smartphone line. It was the company’s attempt to upgrade its feature phones into smartphones that are capable of running Samsung Apps.
Samsung’s phones that run on Bada platform are more successful than Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7. It sold 3.5 million Bada phones in the first quarter of 2011 and 4.5 million in the second quarter. Windows Phone 7 sold just 2.5 million units in the first quarter and 1.5 million in the second quarter.